Saturday, June 27, 2009

11 days of life~~

11th day of my tagging..3 more days to come n i will be oncall-ing...damn scare pun!!!i am totally not prepared.
Through blog, can feel shinyin's passion towards her job, scent getting used to singapore, kit jing with her pedal edema..everyone doing well...
As for me,it has been a hectic past 2 weeks., trying to get used to the system here, learn how things works here... and i realised that HUKM is really a much more systematic than any other hospital, computerized and air conditioned...HO here have to be the HO, PPK, social worker and "special assistant to the MO", and not forget be the 1 who always swollow dead cat!
i learned to withstand long hour of standing( will get varicose vein late in my age), withstand hungry, withstand sleepiness, walk faster and eat faster than anyone else.( not forget to speed faster on road).
MO , HO and specialist here has very high expectation on UKM student.( stress pun.. been compared with neeta and vannessa) ,sure i will mensua-suikan UKM this time.
I got lot of scold from the MO,but hey different people has their own way of doing thing. 1st MO asked me to do this way ,then 2nd MO saw it and scold me!!( cry). I get lots of help from my fellow HO colleague..thanks to all of them who taught me lots of thing in the ward but i still ve so many to learn esp in managing patient!i still cant remember the medication dosage!!!!!!!
Managing patient is different from what we used to study from book. In real life, our clinical judgement become so much important and we are given the authority to plan our management but of course if someth happened , we will take all the blame. sigh...
Anyway , wish me luck when i on call bah!!!Hope i can handle everything well soon~~